Shawl Number One

Laceweight ShawlMy first shawl of my 6 shawl challenge is done and I’m happy with it, before blocking I was concerned it was going to be rather narrow, but it grew enormously on being blocked.

I first knit this shawl last summer in 4 ply/fingering weight yarn and I didnt write many notes, so this time around I had to deconstruct it somewhat and this time I wrote out the pattern as I went along. This weekend I shall write up the pattern properly and hopefully get it test knitted.

I have already started on shawls number 2 and 3, number 2 is knit from end to end, starting narrow and widening in the middle, I’m using noro kureyon sock as I think the bright colours work well in garter stitch. Number 3 is another top down shawl, with shoulder shaping and a wide lace panel at the back, knit in katia merino baby, which is unbelievably soft.

Setting myself a challenge has been the incentive to actually write down my patterns, I love designing my own things and hope that by sharing my patterns other people will too. Perhaps I should make the challenge 6 shawls and 6 other items in 2013!


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