Shawl Number Two

006My 2nd shawl design is finished, yesterday I blocked it as you can see in the picture, I’m now waiting on sunny weather so that I can take some proper pictures. Knit from end it uses 92g of noro kureyon sock yarn, it doesn’t have a name yet, but the peaks remind me of waves so perhaps something nautical?

My 3rd shawl has stuttered somewhat, I think my math is off, so I’m going to put it aside for a couple of days and come back to it hopefully with fresh ideas.

In the meantime I’ve come up with ideas for about four more shawls, my lovely blokey bought me 2 skeins of manos silk blend, which is DK weight, so am thinking a thicker, wide triangle shawl. I also want to do something flowery, perhaps in that pretty cherry tree hill yarn.

I have finally written out the pattern for shawl number 1, now officially named Mimsy, so this week am hoping to get some nice people to test it for me, really need some more pictures of that shawl too, here’s hoping for some nice sunny weather in the next few days!


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