It’s all about the shawls

001smallThe weather has been so awful here that I’ve not been able to get any great pictures, but here is another picture of my mimsy shawl, not the greatest photo but it shows the cascade of diamonds down the centre. I’ve been lucky enough to get a couple of people to test knit it for me, hopefully I havent made any terrible errors! If there is anyone else out there that would like to test it for me then that’d be lovely, you can find the details here (ravelry link).

Tomorrow I intend to write up my noro shawl pattern, still undecided on a name, and if I have any time left I shall attempt to tackle my problems on purple shawl number 3, or if it comes to it then I shall send it to the frog pond. Tonight I am going to knit for myself for a change, I love the low tide cardigan by tincanknits, it has an interesting construction, and as I was given some 100% merino 4ply for christmas I think it will be the perfect gift to myself, plus I am too full of pancakes to contemplate doing anything else!


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