Hearts and Colds

For the past couple of weeks we have been a family of ill people, we’ve all had terrible colds, two small ill boys is not much fun! Having a cold also seemed to give me brain rot as anything I tried to do with my knitting just wasnt working, in the end I decided to admit temporary defeat and started knitting a hippo for my youngest instead.

I am now, at last, starting to feel more like myself and am back on the shawl knitting train. I decided that I want to knit a shawl with a hearts design, today this turned out to be more difficult than I had expected, long flat hearts, short squat hearts, but none that I liked, tonight I am going to have another go, the problem is I have a picture in my mind and I want my hearts to look just like that!  If the heart shawl doesn’t work out then I intend to try to rescue purple shawl number 4, it has been languishing at the bottom of a bag for a couple of weeks and hopefully now that I have had a break from it I may be able to work out where I was going wrong on the edging. So now I shall stop procrastinating and get back to those hearts!


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