Birthday gifts

It was my birthday last week and I got a nexus, lucky me eh! This is me testing out blogging from my new tab, not entirely sure if I’ve  mastered it all yet.

My yarn stash has also somewhat increased in the past week too, I managed nearly 3 months of cold sheeping, ie not buying any yarn but there’s always temptation about!  Firstly I discovered that there’s a yarn store near me that I’ve never been to, so I had to visit and bought a small pile of very lovely drops yarn, mostly alpaca (my new fav). Then on the way home we stopped off at hobbycraft to get some needles and found that they were selling all their regia really cheaply, some of it just £1 a ball, a few balls may have fallen in to my basket, and finally I also received some yarn for my birthday, regia creativ and a very pretty ball of crazy zauberball, I shall add a picture later, I haven’t yet worked out if my camera will contact to this tab!

If ive succeeded in getting this post onto my blog properly then I’ll be back later with details of how my 6 shawl challenge is going plus some better shawl pictures


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