Pretty in Pink

029Here is a better picture of meandros, my latest shawl, I’ve just finished writing up the pattern, will put it on to the testing board in the next couple of days, hopefully there will be people out there that would like to test the pattern for me!

I’ve also taken some more pictures of my mimsy shawl, I seem to have been going through a pink phase.013

This past week has not been a good knitting week, firstly I was ill with a bug then my eldest son was too, hopefully that is the end of the lurgie in my house for a while. But that said I have finished another shawl, this one is another celebration of garter stitch knit in cherrytree hill supersock merino. I’m really quite pleased with how it has turned out, it is a pattern perfect for varigated yarns, it is currently still nameless, but I am thinking rock pool as the combination of garter stitch, holey lace and the green/purple yarn remind me somewhat of seaweed at the bottom of a pool.

I am hoping to get this new pattern written up and available in the next couple of days, photos have been taken and if I get time I will add them here later. I have already started on my next shawl, this is a pattern I have been working on for a while now, knit from end to end with what I think is a very pretty and unique edging. A lovely shawl deserves lovely yarn so I am using wollmeise twin in petite poison no5 which is a wonderfully deep shade of purple. This shawl may take a couple of weeks to get knitted as I am also working on a couple of designs for small accessories and also updating and improving my pattern layout, but being busy is good…..



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