Between a rock and a knitting place

I’ve had a bit of a knitting slump in the past couple of weeks, suffering from a lack of inspiration /ideas, possibly due to the shawl I’ve been working on going wrong over and over again. But I have now finally resolved the issue (after making it sit in the naughty corner for a few days) and am now zooming along on my sample. I took some time off from shawls and finished a pair of socks for myself (which i started nearly a year ago!) and have also done some more squares on my giant blanket, sometimes mindless knitting is whats needed.

006Judging by the huge dark cloud in the distance today isn’t looking like a very good gardening day, so instead am planning on spending some time pattern writing. I love coming up with the designs and the knitting up the sample, but the pattern writing is definitely more of an effort, possibly because in the back of my mind I keep thinking that I am going to miss something really important.

The picture is of Rock Pool my latest finished shawl. It was one of those projects that was completely transformed by blocking, I wish I had taken a pre-blocking picture now as it looked awful and I was worried that it would never look like a shawl, but a bit of blocking and it became the shawl i had first envisioned.  Now I shall stop procrastinating and make a start on the pattern writing, if it all works out well I may release Meandros tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest, and Rock Pool by the end of the week too.


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