It’s all about the cakes

037When it comes to hobbies if knitting is my first love then baking is my second. I have recently been thinking about setting up a new blog solely devoted to baking, but then I thought that the perfect accompaniment to your knitting has to be cake! So from now on my knitting posts will be interspersed with cakey bakey ones too.

It was my sons 3rd birthday yesterday, I always make my boys birthday cakes myself (except for  the one year when the oven went bang!) I dont have anything against shop bought cakes, they often look brilliant, but, and this is a big but, the more ornate/fancy/decorated the cake is the less tasty it is. My sons hedgehog cake could never be called handsome but it sure is tasty, rich chocolate cake with chic fudge filling and covered in chocolate ganache. In my opinion a tasty cake gazumps a pretty one every day!


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