Wonderful WIPs

024Most knitters have WIPs (work in progress), some have a lot, normally I’m in that category, but when I decided to take a picture of my current wips i discovered that for once I don’t seem to have that many bags of knitting. In the past couple of weeks I’ve been making myself finish things before starting on anything new and it seems to have worked. This week I’ve finished off a scarf, a wrap, a headband and a hat for my son (pending pompom!)

Apart from my ongoing giant blanket the two wips in the picture seem to be my only current knitting, the white scrumpled lump is a nearly finished cowl in very lovely fyberspates scrumptious 4ply and the green item below is a childs jacket that is also nearly finished. So that means that not only have I reduced my wips to 2, but they are both nearly complete too, this most definitely has to be the perfect excuse to cast on numerous new projects over the weekend!

Oh and I have to c021ast on tomorrow or at the weekend, my nana always said that a piece of knitting started on a friday will never be finished, I don’t know why, but I don’t want to jinx anything so I never CO on a friday.

So now all I have to do is decide what to cast on, I’m thinking something two coloured using these lovely skeins of old maiden aunt BFL 4ply, they seem to go together perfectly. But before I get the sketch pad and maths paper out I think I shall try to get one more wip finished, my finishing sprees don’t happen all that often!

And finally, I’ll be releasing a new pattern this weekend, a super bulky scarf and wrap, or the wrap could also be a blanket, it’s a multi-functional, quick and fun pattern.


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