Heartfalls Scarf

003smallEveryone in my house has been rather ill so am releasing this pattern slightly later than planned, but better late than never eh!

This is my newest scarf, named Heartfalls, it is the big sister to my Heartfelt Shawl. This pattern came about from my challenge to myself to use up some of my Brown Sheep Burly Spun, a super bulky yarn that is really warm and cuddly.

007Originally there was just going to be the scarf, shown here in pink, but I was playing around with the pattern and that’s how the blue wide wrap came about.

I used two skeins for each item but you could make a scarf with as little as 200 yards or a wrap with about 260.

I also thought that if you made the wrap shorter, with about 160yds it would make a lovely pram blanket.

You can buy the pattern here and up to the 16th of November there is an automatic 15% discount on the price.


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