Gift Knitting & Baking

We’re heading towards holiday season or as it is known to many crafters its ‘gift making time’. Do you make christmas gifts? I love handmade gifts, though I definitely make more than I receive, I sometimes wonder if it’s because I give handmade gifts that I don’t receive them?

21100816 There is always plenty of baking involved in my christmas gifts, usually cakes, puddings and mince pies, I now get requests from family members for christmas cake as a gift. My poinsettia cake was pretty popular, I’m trying to think of some different icing designs for this year, perhaps a giant snowman?

I’ve already made christmas puddings and the cupboard is fully stocked ready for cake making next week, but knitted gifts well I seem to be slacking there. Normally by now I’ve knitted at least one gift, but this year I haven’t even started and to be honest I don’t have a clue what to make anyone. I’ve got a couple of designs that I am just finishing off, both cowls, and am wondering if I can gift the samples, or is that a bit wrong? Perhaps I should make everyone hats this year, they’re quick, easy and warm heads has to be a good thing! While I consider my Christmas knitting I’m heading back to the kitchen, I need to make some biscuits for a charity bake sale, I’m thinking chocolate and cherries, yum!


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