A new knitting challenge

Last year I set myself the challenge of designing 6 shawls in the hope that it would be the kick start I needed to write up my patterns, it went well, by the end of the year I had published 7 shawls, a scarf and a cardigan pattern. I have to admit that when I came up with the shawl challenge I was unsure whether I’d succeed, but it was fun and I really enjoyed the design process.

I’ve been thinking about what knitting challenge to set myself this year, whether to aim for a certain number of patterns or to go with a theme, in the end I decided to go with both ideas.

So for 2014 my knitting challenge is to publish 10 new knitting patterns throughout the year and as part of those 10 to design a set of shawls (possibly 3) with a nature theme. The idea of a nature theme came about from my January sales purchases, I have a habit of buying blue, purple or pink yarn, but for a change I actually bought some green and yellow, perfect colours from nature. I’ll post some pictures soon of my new acquisitions, I’m still waiting on one last parcel.

I already have two new patterns nearly ready to publish, so I’m hoping that my 2014 knitting challenge will be successful too! Plus I’m hoping to intersperse my waffling about knitting with some yummy recipes too


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