Knitters block

066For some reason over the past few weeks I seem to have been suffering from knitters block, I didn’t know what to I wanted to knit and when I started something new it just wasn’t working for me. So while the pile of WIP’s stagnated I baked, a lot of baking went on! I’ve been experimenting with some classic British cake recipes, this fruitcake is based on a very old recipe from my late nana (its lovely btw), plus I’ve also made tea loaves and tiny buns and cheesecake, my small boys have been well fed! But while I haven’t been knitting I also haven’t been blogging, I somewhat forgot about it, so after mentioning it ages ago I’ve decided that I will make this blog about baking as well as knitting, combining two of my favorite things seems like a good idea.


071 After all of that baking I made myself sit down and finished writing up a couple of patterns, this top is the first to be fully finished, its called frinton and is currently being test knit, the pattern will be available really soon.

So that’s all for now, there will be new patterns coming up and there will also definitely be cakey goodness too.


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