Back to reality



We’ve been on holiday, the weather was good, we did lots of paddling, visited a farm, ate too much and relaxed as much as is possible with two small children, I even got a sheep to pose for me!050

Now we’re back home and there’s no school for six weeks. I have all these plans for tidying and decorating and I’ve loads of knitting ideas swimming around my head, I just need to find the time to get everything done! I’ve been wracking my brain for great crafty ideas to do with my boys, they’re 3 and 8, we’re going to do some painting tomorrow and they also want to make paper aeroplanes, any other great ideas will be appreciated!


I’ve also been working on some simple cake and biscuit recipes that are easy for children to help make, so far we’ve made jam tarts, chocolate tiffin squares and chocolate oaties, all have been scoffed rather quickly so am taking that as a success! I’ll add recipes on here soon.

As to tidying and decorating, well I sorted out my yarn stash on Sunday, it’s a lot less of a mess and i even found yarn that I’d forgotten I owned (which was great!) I’ve also decided to get rid of a load of yarn that I know I wont use, it seems kinda daft to hang on to stuff that is never going to be knitted by me.

041I’ve even managed to squeeze a bit of knitting time in, I’m working on autumnal hats, which when its 25c outside feels a bit odd, but the way I’m going by the time it starts to get cooler everyone i know will have a hand knitted hat. Oh and I’ll be releasing my new tee pattern this weekend.


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