How do you decide what to knit?

013 So how do you decide what to knit next? My usual method is this: 1) have a random idea in the middle of the night / in the bath / whilst walking to school, 2) draw strange sketches of idea on scraps of paper, book margins etc, 3) search for possible pattern or make a start on writing a pattern, 4) finally have a look through stash for appropriate yarn or (quite often) buy yarn.

Up until now this method has worked pretty well for me, but the other day I had a massive stash sort out and realised just how much yarn I’ve g002ot squirreled away and how much of it I had forgotten that I had even bought! These pictures are all of yarn that I ‘rediscovered’ during my sort out, there’s some gorgeous fyberspates 100% silk 4ply, a giant 150g skein of easy knits big boy, plus 7 balls of knit picks palette in various shades of orange/yellow. These are mostly sale bargains, but it seems kinda sad that they have been forgotten about.

So I’m thinking that next time I033 start wondering what to cast on I shall go empty out the baskets of yarn and stare at it and smoosh it in the hopes that inspiration arrives. The fyberspates and easy knits skeins definitely look like they’d make great shawls and all of the knit picks palette, well that has so to be great for colour work right?

Wish me luck, it’ll make me feel thrifty if I use up some of the yarn I already own!




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