Is it Autumn already?

001 I realise it is still only August but the past few evenings have been rather chilly, I’m even wearing wooly socks right now, but all this cooler weather has made me start to think about autumn / fall knitting. I was good and kept to my promise of checking my stash first and I’ve pulled out a whole load of great autumnal coloured yarns, now I just need to think what to knit with them!

The green skeins are louisa harding jesse, I’ve 350g of this, its a worsted weight 100% cotton and its lovely and soft, 008I’m thinking it would make a great childs waistcoat or vest perhaps? The multicoloured ball is unmistakably zauberball, I love their crazy colours, I’m thinking perhaps a small shawl or a scarf? Making myself look through my stash before deciding what to knit could be working, I now have more ideas than time, I need to find a way to squeeze more knitting time into my day!

I have already started working on colder weather patterns, mostly hats and more hats, so i’ll be releasing new patterns in the next month or so, but more about that in a post soon.



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