September is Hat Month!

For me September is all about back to school and searching for conkers, it is also one of those months where the weather can be completely unpredictable, sweltering hot or frosty freezing. So just in case the weather does turn out to be rather cold I’ve been making hats, quite a lot of them and thus September is now hat month on the verilyknits blog!


I’ve been working on a number of new hat designs and have at least 4 patterns now ready for release, so every friday throughout september I will be releasing a new pattern, starting this Friday with one of my favourites. There’s some stranded colourwork, some mosaic slipped stitches and some bobbles (tho not all on the same hat!) The picture above shows the hat I’m working on at the moment, it’s a little bit further along than that now and it proves that I am being good and stash busting!


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