Thinking of Christmas?

Is it too early to be thinking about Christmas? It probably is, but the other day I noticed that some shops were already selling christmas cards and decorations and so we made our Christmas puddings last weekend, ate a little one too, but you know need to test tastiness!


All this thinking about christmas made me then think about Christmas knitted things, like tree decorations and such like, now I’ve never knit any christmas decorations but I’m considering it, I can’t decide what though, perhaps some baubles, something quick but cute. If I had the time I would definitely make the Woodland Wreath by Frankie Brown, it is amazingly brilliant, but I know i’d never get it finished (too much sewing for me!)


So I’m still thinking about it, I may have gone off the idea by next week, perhaps it is still a little bit too early to be thinking of Christmas after all.


2 thoughts on “Thinking of Christmas?

  1. It’s NOT too early to think about Christmas. This wreath is gorgeous. But the sewing would put me off too. There are lots of lovely baubles on Ravelry, that might be easier. I’m envious of your puddings. The people I live with don’t like raisins etc so I only ever get to indulge if I’m eating out!


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