Indie Yarns

After my post on my favourite online yarn shops I thought I should also mention some of my favourite indie yarn sellers, because, well I love hand-dyed yarn!


So a few of my faourites:

firstly Posh Yarn, because the colours are wonderful, the picture above is Diana heavy lace, I bought this a while ago, but have still not found the perfect project for it as yet, it needs to be something special!

Eden Cottage Yarns, because they have a great range and some lovely colours, my Tulips from Amsterdam shawl is knit in their Titus 4ply and BFL sock.

Old Maiden Aunt, again lovely colours, I have some 4ply ready wound waiting for that perfect project.

Ripples Crafts, because I love the wonderfully variegated yarns that Helen dyes and the solid colours are great too.

I am sure there are a lot more, but these four were the ones that came instantly to mind. This post also made me think about what is an indie yarn and what isn’t, of course ‘indie yarn’ means yarn from an independent dyer, so should I include Wollmeise in my list? I think of it as a big brand because so many people use it, but really it is still from and indie dyer. Anyways these are a few of my favourites I’m now going to have a think about yarns that I’ve never used but would love to try and also some of my favourite branded, everyday yarns.



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