Knitted Skirts

I fell into a pinterest hole the other day, I started out looking at christmas decorations and ended up looking at loads of pictures of knitted skirts (no idea how that happened!) So what do you think about hand knitted skirts / dresses? I saw some lovely ones but I’m not sure if my giant bottom clad in chunky yarn is a very good look!

There are some lovely patterns out there for knitted skirts tho, I quite like Carnaby from


I’m still undecided about whether I can get away with wearing a knitted skirt, but I do like the idea of them, I’m thinking perhaps small cables and perhaps worsted weight yarn, for the moment the idea will stay in my sketchpad, but it may evolve in to a design in the future.


5 thoughts on “Knitted Skirts

  1. Super cute skirt but I’ve not really thought seriously about knitting one up- mainly because I never wear skirts. But with a pair of tights underneath, maybe I’d wear the one in the pic. Hmmm… ideas! 🙂

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