Last minute knitted gifts

OK, first of all I have to admit that this year I haven’t knitted any gifts for Christmas, I usually do but I have 3 submission pieces to get knitted so knew I wouldn’t have the time.

But I love quick knits, they provide instant gratification, so if you are still thinking about knitting some gifts (are you crazy!) I thought I’d share some of my quick knit favourites.

First up is the bandana cowl by Purl Soho, I love the shape and the pattern is free too.


Next up the ever so popular Wurm hat, its a great shape and again the pattern is free.


Another hat, this time its the Swirl, sized from baby to adult it knits up super quick, again a free pattern


If anyone was to knit me a gift I’d love some slipper socks, like these Salomas slippers


I also have some super quick knit patterns too, like the manigaitor cowl below, see them all here



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