Check and check again!


So I had this idea for a new colour work sweater a couple of months ago, drawing charts, working out the maths and finding just the right yarn has all taken a while and then Christmas came along so I’ve been quite eager to cast on, and this is where the problems started. On boxing day evening I cast on and eagerly started knitting, 48 hours later I realised I hadn’t cast on enough stitches, I wasn’t just a couple short but 20 less than there should be, luckily I’d only knitted about 3″, so I ripped it out and started again. I’d knitted 4 rounds when yesterday I realised that I’d twisted my knitting when I joined in the round so instead of knitting a jumper I was knitting a moebius, arrrgggghhhh, ripped back once more. I started again last night, triple checking number of stitches and that I hadn’t twisted anything, so I’m hoping that this is third time lucky, fingers crossed that nothing else goes wrong!


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