2014: it didn’t go too badly….

Back in January 2014 I set myself a challenge to release 10 new knitting patterns throughout the year, I wasn’t sure if it would happen, but through the year I’ve realised that designing knitting patterns is something that I really do love doing. I ended up exceeding my 10 patterns challenge and released 13 in total.

One thing I’ve learnt this past year is that you can never ever tell which patterns are going to be a hit, from the 13 new releases the Midnight Owls hat was my most popular release

IMG_6683But it was definitely Animal Balls that was the most talked about


I’ve already written an absolutely huge to do list for 2015, from that I am going to work out my knitting challenge for this year will be, I’m thinking aim big because sometimes you’ve just got to go for it!


6 thoughts on “2014: it didn’t go too badly….

  1. Well done on meeting and exceeding your challenge ๐Ÿ™‚ That must feel great. That is a super cool pattern there. I haven’t attempted colourwork yet, but I’ve favourited that owl hat. I love the top too.


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