Knitting goals for 2015


2014 was a good year for me and my knitting so I’ve been thinking about what knitting goals to set myself for this year, trying to be realistic but also challenging, I’d love to be able to release loads of new patterns this year, but (small children induced!) lack of time gets in the way of that plan. But, I am going to be more strict with myself, I am very good at procrastinating, so I am aiming to stop dithering so much and just get on with it more this year!

So for 2015 I am aiming at releasing at least 16 new patterns, at first I was going to aim for a lot higher number, but I think that although I could release lots of short/small patterns I would rather aim at a smaller number of high quality designs, quality over quantity! I also thought about aiming for 12, one a month, but then I remembered that I have 3 patterns coming out in a book this year (so excited about this!) and I’ve already got these patterns all ready so 16 it is!


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