A theme for 2015

Last year nearly all of my new knitting patterns were inspired by nature, this year nature will  still be a great influence on my knitting ideas but all of my recent scribblings have so far had two themes, stranded colourwork or cables.

Stranded colourwork is my big love at the moment, I love bright, colourful knits and there will definitely be some of those this year, I’m already working on a sweater and there will be more hats too.

Cables are somewhat influenced by my new book which I got for Christmas:


This book has some lovely cables patterns, some of which I’ve never seen before, it’s been a great source of inspiration over the past couple of weeks.

There will definitely be more garment patterns from me this year and I’m also working on a collection of patterns for babies and toddlers.

All of these ideas have been floating around in my head for the past few weeks, now that I am actually writing them down I’m starting to think that these should be my plans for the next two years, not just for 2015!


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