Mystery Knit Alongs



Have you ever taken part in a mystery knit along? Did you enjoy it? and more importantly did you like the finished item?

I’ve taken part in a couple myself, I did a Stephen West shawl and another shawl one, I was lucky in that I loved both but I have read about people feeling disappointed with their finished items, but I suppose you cannot please everyone all of the time.

I’ve been doing a bit of research on this, what knitters like and dislike about MKALs they’ve taken part in. Negatives seem to be focused on errors in the pattern and not liking the pattern, positives included free / discounted price, interesting clues and unique designs.

The reason I’ve been thinking about mystery KALs is because I am (possibly) thinking about running one this year, I have a shawl pattern in progress that I think would work well as a MKAL, but am still undecided about whether to go for it or not. My pattern still needs some final tweeks and then test knitting and tech-editing so this is a project for the future, at least not until April but I’d love to know your opinions on knit alongs.


One thought on “Mystery Knit Alongs

  1. I have mixed feelings about them. The few I’ve participated in have had errors in the pattern that where discouraging. If the pattern is spot on then the mystery component is exciting. I would only participate in another one if I could be assured the pattern had been tested multiple times before diving in.


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