Pink and Blue?

I’ve been working on some swatches for a new shawl design and I’ve been searching for the right yarn, now I’ve never been a muted colours person and am always drawn to bright shades but I’d like a second opinion!

RC-165941-17052013 RC-161354-11082014

So what do you think of these two colours together? Is blue and pink together a bit much? I really love that pink but now that I staring at them together I’m wondering if perhaps a darker colour with the pink? Forest green?

The yarn is BFL 4ply/fingering weight yarn from I’ve borrowed the pictures from the site.


6 thoughts on “Pink and Blue?

  1. Sometimes Red/Blue and Red/Green can have a visual “vibration” next to each other when they are the same intensity like that. It might be interesting if you striped them, or your eyes might bug out. If you had a neutral or white thin line in between it would make them work better together, I think.


  2. I love them both, but not together, they are too close in saturation, I guess I would call it. I agree with knit by a weaver, dark blue would look great with that pink. a paler shade of pink would look great with the blue.

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  3. I love pink and blue together. But I’m partial because those were my sorority colors and I’ve worn a lot of pink and blue in my life. If you wanted to go darker you could do a navy blue, which would make the pink really pop!

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