10 Unsung Shawls that are Awesome

Larissa Brown

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There is an ever-expanding sea of knitting designs out in the world, so deep and wide it’s bewildering to wade into. Too often I see inventive, gorgeous designs that cry out to be crafted. And yet among the shifting waves and sloshes, they get less attention than they deserve.

Below are just 10 of the many shawl designs I have saved and wondered at. Why are they not made in abundance? They’re so cool!

I’m setting the bar at 20 projects to count as “unsung.” Gorgeous, ingenious shawl designs that have fewer than 20 projects on ravelry seem to me to be a great place to start when you’re eying that lovely ball of yarn that just needs a chance to sing.

pera heather zoppetti Pera by Heather Zoppetti

10. Pera by Heather Zoppetti. Holy crow, isn’t that pretty? Such high impact with an…

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