Need more projects!

Last year I resolved to not have too many wips at any one time, I started by frogging anything that I hadn’t worked on in over 6 months, except my big blanket, and then made myself finish some of the projects that just needed little things done, like blocking and adding buttons. Since then I have been really good, I’ve made myself finish more projects before starting new things and because of this at the moment I only have 1 wip that is still in the knitting process and and 3 that need some finishing touches and this feels very wrong!

005My only knitting wip at the moment is a baby blanket which is for a magazine, I also have a dress that only needs blocking ready for a magazine too. The green yarn above is cascade 220 heathers which has now been transformed into a new shawl, that only needs blocking and photos taking, and I also have a hat that is waiting for photos and the pattern to be written up fully.

So my problem is I don’t know what to start next, I’ve just frogged a sweater as I think it would work better top down instead of bottom up, but I think that needs to go sit in the naughty corner until I decide how it should look. Knowing what to knit next shouldn’t be a problem, perhaps I am over thinking this and should just go roll around in some yarn for a while!


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