Too hot to knit?

Is it ever too hot to knit? It’s rather warm here today and apparently tomorrow it could reach 32c (90f) which is definitely rather hot in my opinion! I suppose it depends on what you’re knitting as to weather it is too hot, a fine lace shawl is probably a much better summer project than a bulky weight sweater.

I am about to start a new knitting project in this yarn…


Rather festive looking don’t you think? Yep thats right on the hottest day of the year so far I am about to start knitting Christmas baubles! Oh and no I’m not that super efficient and organized, these are for a magazine so I have to get them sent off by August.

So I guess it’s time to make iced lemonade, drag the fan downstairs and convince myself that it’s not really that hot, because knitting keeps me sane and I don’t want to have a summer interlude.


7 thoughts on “Too hot to knit?

  1. Lovely yarn, if it’s any consolation I’m crafting away on Christmas gifts of a yarn nature, can’t wait to see your finished project 🙂


  2. It is never too hot. 🙂 If you are working on something heavy, maybe do it in the morning?
    Love your yarn – red and white is such a cheerful combination, isn’t it?


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