Blanket boredom

Last year I started the Rowan mystery afghan KAL, I started with great enthusiasm which quickly waned and I have to admit after a few weeks I gave up and the squares that I had finished ended up in the cupboard.

There was a few reasons I gave up: knitting each square six times was a bit boring and I was struggling to find the time to finish 6 in a week and keep up with the KAL along with all of my other projects and then square number 3 came along and I didn’t like it and this was pretty much when I gave up.


After putting the project away in a cupboard I completely forgot about it, that was until last week when I started thinking about gifts for my sister, (she’s expecting) and I thought a small blanket would be a nice idea. So I found the squares, I’m just finishing 1 more to make 12 and then I shall sew them together. I used rowan all seasons cotton and sirdar simply recycled which are great baby appropriate yarns and now I just need to think about an edging, I like edgings that can be knitted on (less sewing) so perhaps just an icord edging? Or I could really stretch my crocheting skills and attempt to crochet an edging, either way I will at least get this blanket finished at last.


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