Yarn rainbows

I’ve been trying to be good this year and knit only from stash where possible, this means that I spend a lot of time upending boxes of yarn all over the floor on a regular basis, when I did this yesterday I realised that my yarn buying habits seem to follow one rule…. BRIGHT!

008_medium2Seriously half my yarn looks like this, all shades of vivid colours, I love purples and reds and this is really reflected in my stash, but there is also some lovely bright greens and yellows, basically all hues except subtle.

Anyway I’ve been working on something new that is going to require me to break my yarn diet and buy some new wool, so I’m thinking about perhaps going for something a little bit more muted than normal, perhaps even some natural shades, yarn purchases will probably happen in the next couple of weeks so lets see if I can manage to avoid my usual shades!

Whilst typing this I’ve been thinking about why I only really buy bright coloured yarn and I think it is because I want my knitting to be cheerful, knitting makes me happy and I think I want what I am knitting to reflect that.


2 thoughts on “Yarn rainbows

  1. My stash is the same, in fact I had to buy a ball of something baby pink and easy wash (acrylic and nylon) in order to do a baby knit for a more traditional friend. Rather strangely, I’m actually enjoying knitting it too 🙂


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