Pink and Oops!

Firstly if anyone has commented on any of my posts recently and I haven’t responded a big apology, I was fiddling about with my blog settings the other week and managed to switch off notifications, duh! I’ve also just realised that I haven’t posted anything for a couple of weeks; its the school holidays and small children are very demanding!

But anyway, more importantly what do you think about this pink?


It’s a terrible picture I know but its raining heavily here and so overcast I had to use an old pic I took a while ago. I’ve been thinking about knitting myself a big oversized sweater, but I don’t have enough of any one colour, so what I’m thinking is using this pink (it’s adriafil new zealand aran) and teaming it with possibly grey? I’m thinking colour blocks rather than stripes, but I’m not sure whether to go with a light, medium or dark grey or perhaps even another colour? I don’t knit for myself all that much these days and it is making me terribly indecisive!


7 thoughts on “Pink and Oops!

  1. Pink and grey are a great combo. Hard to catch the shade on the pink via the picture, but I’d say if its deep pink id do a light dove grey, but a dustier grey I’d do a darker grey, just to play up the contrast.

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