Falling back in love with socks

IMG_0591Up until a couple of months ago I hadn’t knit a sock in absolutely ages, now there’s a reason for this, back in 2009 I thought it would be a really good idea to knit all of my family socks for Christmas. I had the idea in the middle of the summer and if I’d got on with it and knitted lots of socks through the summer it would have all worked out fine, but I  didn’t, I knit a couple then got distracted by other projects and as it got closer to December I headed in to panic knitting. Panic knitting turned into super panic knitting when I was still finishing a sock at midnight  on Christmas eve, but I did get them all finished and wrapped in time for Christmas day. But the crazed sock knitting really put me off socks for quite a while, since then I’ve knit a couple of small pairs for my sons and that is it.

I have now learned my lesson and since then there has been no more last minute crazy Christmas knitting, and I thought it about time that I knit some more socks, handknit socks are amazing to wear and great to knit, I always find turning a heel somewhat magic.  So I’ve been working on a couple of sock designs, the first of which I will be releasing the pattern for very soon and there could well be more as I think I’ve refound my love of socks, I just have to keep the dreaded second sock syndrome in check!


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