Mondays Good Idea: Knit your pet a gift

I asked my 5yo son what we should get our new dog for Christmas, after some umming and ahhing he suggested that I should knit something for the dog. Now it’s not something I have ever thought about before, but then I went and searched Ravelry and there is just so many lovely pet patterns out there that I thought I would share some that caught my eye. Click on the pictures to go to the patterns, they are all free too.

So first up is this dog sweater, its by Red Heart:

8798648336414This one is called ‘To humiliate the dog’ by Amoena Online, how sweet is this….


Have a cat, well how about a cat hoodie by Kristin Roach


There’s embarrassing cat hats too, like this dinosaur hat by Sara Thomas


Finally a couple of very quick and easy to knit toys: catnip bunnies by Selina Kyle


and Fetch by Kris Knits


I’ve bookmarked about 20 patterns so far, now to decide what to knit, at least the dog won’t mind what yarn I use, so I can use up some leftovers!



5 thoughts on “Mondays Good Idea: Knit your pet a gift

  1. I love the first jumper! I’ve been meaning to make a jumper for my Westie since I got him. When he’s been to the groomers he gets really cold in the Winter, but his long coat and cold rain are an even worse option. I’ll have to have a look at some patterns and see what I can whip up for him! The little bones are also very sweet!


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