Mondays Good Idea: Stash-busting baby hats

I’ve recently gained a new niece and nephew, they’re now 3 months old but still very small. I wanted to make them a knitted gift each for Christmas but I have rather a lot of deadlines coming up, so it had to be something small and quick.

I decided on little hats, the pattern I’ll be sharing on Friday, but I realised when researching baby hats that they are great stash-busters, they use such a small amount of yarn that they are perfect for using up those little leftovers that every knitter/crocheter has.

So here are a couple of other baby hats that I fell in love with when searching for patterns, and if you don’t have a baby to knit for your local hospital would probably love them. (click on the photos to get to the patterns)

First up is Garter Ear Flap Hat by Purl Soho


Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap by Gro


Troll by Gabriela Widmer-Hanke

4v_medium2And if you prefer crochet:

Leaping Stripes and Blocks by Tamara Kelly

Leaping-Stripes-and-Blocks-Beanies-Horizontal_mediumWoolly Owl Hat by Kat Goldin



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