February woes


This blog has been somewhat neglected over the past couple of weeks and to be honest so has rather a lot of other stuff in my life. Apart from the occasional cold I rarely get ill (thankfully) but over the last two weeks I’ve been knocked out by a dose of the flu and I still don’t feel 100%. I hate being ill, I’m grumpy and miserable, and not having the energy to do anything makes me even more grumpy, seriously keep well clear of me when I am germy!

But being ill has had a knock on effect on other stuff too, I’ve missed out on possible work by not getting submission proposals in before the deadlines, my plan of getting my new website up and running by the end of feb is looking unlikely and I didn’t even get blokey anything for valentines day as I was stuck at home.

So generally February so far has been pants, I’m usually a very positive thinking person, but it has felt like February has stomped on my happy. So now I’m trying to find my motivation and basically give myself a big kick up the bum to get started again. Its a school holiday here this week so I’m never going to get much work done, but yesterday a walk around the woods with my boys followed by pizza helped to brighten my mood.

Now I just need to refind my knitting mojo, I’m hoping it’s at the bottom of one of my many project bags along with a half finished sweater.



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