Knit me some socks….


I love handknit socks, but finding the time to knit some for myself can be tough, I’m considering bribing / blackmailing someone into knitting them for me! The socks in the picture above are Carved Stone Ball Socks by Sarah Foxley, and they look great right? I love how they incorporate more than one pattern, and whats more the pattern is also free over on Ravelry.

This is Sarah’s first (of many) published patterns, it’s well written and easy to follow, I can absolutely guarantee this as I tech edited the pattern, which is a not so subtle plug for my tech editing services! If you are looking to get your pattern tech edited, or need custom charts and schematics or would like a new pattern layout designed please contact me through here or over on Ravelry and I’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.


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