Picot bind off

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I have a love/hate relationship with picot bind off, I love how it looks but hate how long it takes to do. Before starting a picot bind off there are two really important things to consider:

  • Have you got plenty of yarn
  • Have you got plenty of time

If you are already close to playing yarn chicken then this is definitely not the bind off for you as it uses a huge amount of yarn. Also if you have got a lot of stitches to bind off then find a good film, a comfy chair and large cup of coffee before starting.

I’ve seen a number of different methods for this bind off but below is my version, I personally find this way to be the quickest and easiest.

Picot Bind off:

  1. Cast on 2sts using the cable cast on method
  2. Bind off 4sts using the normal method
  3. Return the single stitch back to the left needle

Repeat steps 1 – 3 until all sts have been worked.

This is a 2 stitch picot, which I like as it is not too big or small, you can change the size of the picot points by casting on more or less sts, just remember that you always have to bind off twice as many sts as you cast on.

The picot bind off is really stretchy so it is great for the bottom edge of a shawl or for a decorative edge on pretty much anything.


2 thoughts on “Picot bind off

  1. I also have a love/hate relationship with the picot bind off; it looks so pretty but takes so long. The last time I did it, on the edge of my Cladonia shawl, I looked at it as an exercise in patience, almost a meditation, which was easy to do once I got a rhythm going. It’s definitely worth the time & patience!

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