Summer Bargains


Merry Dancers Shawl

I usually try to keep my online knitting blog politics free, don’t worry I’m not going to launch into a rant now, but you probably know that the UK last week voted to leave the EU (I voted to remain) and that vote has had a seriously detrimental effect on the value of our currency. So basically if you live outside of the UK but have ever wanted to buy something from here now is the time to do, the value of the £ is so poor you can get an absolute bargain.

Now I’ve heard people say that the feel bad taking advantage of this fact… please don’t, the money you spend still has the same value to us here and if our economy gets any worse we will need all the money we can earn.

So if you’ve ever thought about buying one of my patterns now is definitely the time to do so, you can see them all here and I am planning on releasing a new shawl pattern at the end of the week too. Also don’t forget about UK indie yarn dyers and shops, there’s some amazing yarn available here, why not try something new.


Rosaline for ages 3m – 8yr



One thought on “Summer Bargains

  1. lovely shawl and good point! Bargains to be had, and for you, a pound is a pound, until inflation happens because of the reduced value. So now is a VERY good time to buy. And I do hope things settle down shortly and we can all adjust and move on. Now, I will go check out all the UK pattern writers and hand dyers. Good reminder, thank you!

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