New Pattern: Little Roar


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I have a new pattern in the latest issue of Knit Now, this is Little Roar. This little top is knit in Sublime Yarns Evie which is possibly the softest yarn I have ever knit with, seriously it’s like knitting with clouds! The Little Roar pattern is sized from newborn up to 3 years and uses a maximum of two 50g balls of Evie.

Isn’t that the cutest little model that used too!


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Little Knitting


The sun has finally arrived and it is getting warmer here, and for some reason as soon as it gets to late spring / early summer all my knitting ideas seem to be baby related. I have no idea why this is but baby items are pretty good summer knitting projects as they are usually quite small so you don’t end up with a pile of knitting on your lap boiling your knees!

I’m quite lucky in that I do have recipients for any baby knitting, my nephew and niece are 9 months old, and I’m hoping that if I do come up with any new designs they’ll be willing models. At the moment all my new ideas seem to be for little dresses, as you can possibly see from the pic I took of my current sketchpad, I need to have a think about some more boy appropriate items too.

If you too are thinking about knitting baby clothes I do already have a few patterns, including Tigs which you can see below, or you can view all of my patterns here. Oh and there will be a couple of baby additions to my pattern catalogue in the next few weeks, I just need to get some photos take.


Friday Freebie: Apple Pip Hat


As I mentioned on Monday I’ve been knitting little hats for Christmas presents, this little apple hat is what I decided to knit for my new niece and nephew, (my youngest son also requested one too), I’ll get some cute tiny twin modeled pictures after Christmas.

So this is Apple Pip, my new (and completely free!) pattern, click on either of the pictures to get the pattern. ┬áThis is a really easy hat pattern and super fast to knit too, I managed to knit two tiny ones in one (longish) evening. Sized from baby up to adult you’ll need as little as 60 yards of yarn to knit a baby sized version. ┬áHope you like it and as always if you knit one I would love to see a picture.


Mondays Good Idea: Stash-busting baby hats

I’ve recently gained a new niece and nephew, they’re now 3 months old but still very small. I wanted to make them a knitted gift each for Christmas but I have rather a lot of deadlines coming up, so it had to be something small and quick.

I decided on little hats, the pattern I’ll be sharing on Friday, but I realised when researching baby hats that they are great stash-busters, they use such a small amount of yarn that they are perfect for using up those little leftovers that every knitter/crocheter has.

So here are a couple of other baby hats that I fell in love with when searching for patterns, and if you don’t have a baby to knit for your local hospital would probably love them. (click on the photos to get to the patterns)

First up is Garter Ear Flap Hat by Purl Soho


Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap by Gro


Troll by Gabriela Widmer-Hanke

4v_medium2And if you prefer crochet:

Leaping Stripes and Blocks by Tamara Kelly

Leaping-Stripes-and-Blocks-Beanies-Horizontal_mediumWoolly Owl Hat by Kat Goldin


New baby patterns

So I had a little moment of squealy excitement yesterday when I realised that the August issue of I Like Knitting had been released because two of my patterns are in there.

There’s the Raspberry Sorbet Dress:


and the Heirloom Baby Blanket:


I love the wonderful pictures they’ve taken and there is some amazing other patterns in this issue, I really like the Lemon Dipped Shawl.

It’s great finally seeing my patterns appear in other publications, I’ve been working on patterns for magazines, books and indie yarn companies all year and have been waiting for what feels like forever for them to appear which probably explains my hopping up and down excitement!


Blanket boredom

Last year I started the Rowan mystery afghan KAL, I started with great enthusiasm which quickly waned and I have to admit after a few weeks I gave up and the squares that I had finished ended up in the cupboard.

There was a few reasons I gave up: knitting each square six times was a bit boring and I was struggling to find the time to finish 6 in a week and keep up with the KAL along with all of my other projects and then square number 3 came along and I didn’t like it and this was pretty much when I gave up.


After putting the project away in a cupboard I completely forgot about it, that was until last week when I started thinking about gifts for my sister, (she’s expecting) and I thought a small blanket would be a nice idea. So I found the squares, I’m just finishing 1 more to make 12 and then I shall sew them together. I used rowan all seasons cotton and sirdar simply recycled which are great baby appropriate yarns and now I just need to think about an edging, I like edgings that can be knitted on (less sewing) so perhaps just an icord edging? Or I could really stretch my crocheting skills and attempt to crochet an edging, either way I will at least get this blanket finished at last.

Tigs: a new free baby cardigan pattern

Time for another new pattern, this is Tigs, which will be a permanently free pattern.


Tigs is a baby cardigan sized from newborn up to 2 years, knit in aran weight yarn it needs just 130yds for the smallest size. My sample was knit in Rowan all Seasons Cotton which is a 60/40 cotton/acrylic mix yarn, just perfect for the warmer months.

The pattern is available to download from Ravelry, and as always I’d love to see a picture if you decide to knit it.